About us

The company DBA PROMET was established in 2006. The company is engaged in production, purchase and processing of fruit, mainly raspberries, but also blackberries, plums and cherries.

The cold storage is located in the village of Cerova, 2 km far from the center of the town of Arilje, world - famous for its production of fruit.

In 2016 new business object was built in Kravarica, 10 km from our head office.

Currently, there are 24 employees in the company. However, during the period of repurchasing, the number of workers increases in proportion to our needs.

HACCP system for the processing and sale of frozen fruit has been introduced and implemented by the cold storage.

The final product can be packed in our packaging, but the packaging can also be at a buyer’s request.


  1. Raspberry
    • DZ raspberries
    • DZ raspberry crumble
    • DZ raspberry hernia
    • DZ raspberry block
  2. Blackberry
    • DZ blackberry jam
    • blackberry puree
  3. Plums
    • plums with stone
    • pitted plums
  4. Cherry
    • B/K rolend

Our production and accommodation facilities

modern and high-end equipment and storage technology

The capacity of the cold storage is 600 tons and about 1500 tons of fruit is purchased and processed annually.

Our company also has the accommodation capacity for 200 workers. They cultivate the land and work on the plantations in accordance with the appropriate measures.


Our own raspberry plantations

we have our own raspberry plantations from which we pick the best fruits

We have been engaged in the production of raspberries, to a lesser extent, since 1980. However, nowadays we have reached the production of 200 tons on the surface area of 12 hectares of our own perennial plantations.

We find the market for goods all around Europe, but with appropriate agro-technical measures and control, we secure the market for the final goods and export it even to the market of the United States of America.


Contact Us

31230 Arilje, Cerova bb
Contact person:
Dejan Bozovic
Email: dejan@dba-promet.com
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Commercial department
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